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Person 2 Person: Doug Andrew (Photo provided by Doug Andrew)

(KUTV) Doug Andrew has been a financial strategist for over four decades and has a financial practice called Live Abundant.

He also hosts his own radio show and is an author.

In his latest book, "Entitlement Abolition," he aims to get rid of that sense of entitlement many have.

The book contains lessons that he and his wife, Sharee, have taught to their six children and 16 grandchildren as well as to employees and the youth they mentor.

The couple has seen just how little many people have around the world. They have gone on humanitarian trips to places like the Dominican Republic and Guatemala.

"Most of these people make a buck a day in the sugar cane fields," he said.

Even though they earn little money and have dirt floors, Andrew noticed that they are happy.

"We're happy because of what we are, not because of what we have," he said.

One way the Andrews teach their grandchildren important life lessons is through an annual "Grandpa's Camp."

"They have to leave the technology home," Andrew said. "And we have a conversation."

The Andrews encouraged their children to be "entrepreneurial" during their growing up years.

The children were required to earn their own money for school clothes or anything they wanted to buy.

"We never paid for their college education," Andrew said. "We wanted to give them equal opportunities, not equal distribution."

Andrew realizes parents often get caught up in working and busyness of life and counsels that parents should pause for a moment to teach their children.

"Otherwise the message is they're not important," he said.

Andrew and his wife take time to mentor youth in detention centers and teach them about entitlement and balance.

"Our goal is to help them see that they have a choice. Their future can be incredible," he said. "We want to give them hope."

Andrew is very passionate about family and teaching good financial principles, but he wasn't always outgoing and confident when he was young.

"I learned more and more than in order to really feel good, I had to get out of my comfort zone," he said. "Life's too short not to be passionate and share with others. Otherwise those moments that matter pass you by."

If you are interested in the book, "Entitlement Abolition," you can get a copy for just the cost of shipping and handling here.

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