Person 2 Person: Jorge Fierro

Person 2 Person: Jorge Fierro (Photo provided by Jorge Fierro)

(KUTV) Jorge Fierro is the man behind Rico Brand Mexican food and Frida Bistro.

Rico Brand was created in Utah and is sold here and five other states.

Fierro came to Utah in 1985, after working for a time in Rawlins, Wyoming.

He came to America from Mexico to learn English and had been told he could get work in Wyoming, so he and a friend decided to go together.

But, the friend ended up leaving him there.

"I had no money, spoke no English, and I didn't know anybody," Fierro said.

He ended up working as a sheepherder. He had previously been attending law school in Mexico.

Even though he was in a tough situation, he wasn't afraid.

"I was a very, very fearful kid when I was young," Fierro said. But as he got older, he wasn't really afraid anymore.

"One day I thought, 'You know what? I want to take a journey,'" he said.

Fierro comes from a large family in Mexico.

"We all had the opportunity to go to school and didn't have to work. You know, we had a great life," he said.

But one day, he felt he needed to "break loose" from the expectations of his family and his religion and "do whatever I need to do."

The decision did create some friction with his father.

One day, his father asked him "who are you?"

"I said, 'I have no idea, dad. But as soon as I find out, I will let you know,'" Fierro said.

When Fierro came to Utah in 1985, he was homeless for a time and got help from the Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church.

"Despite the fact that I refused to obey by the rules of the Catholic Church and be a good samaritan, you can still rely on God,'" said Fierro.

Fierro eventually got the idea to sell pinto beans at the Downtown Farmer's Market. His first week he only sold two bags.

"At that moment, I felt a little down," he said.

He went home and talked to his partner, who had the idea to put recipes on the beans.

"The following week I sold out," said Fierro.

He then decided to try and sell Mexican food in local supermarkets and Rico Brand was born.

If his father was to ask him "who are you" again he would say, "I was someone that I felt extremely uncomfortable in my own skin until I broke loose."

"One of the things that really fulfills who I am is the fact that I belong," Fierro said. "I've always said that I was born in Mexico, but I was made in Utah."

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