Person 2 Person: Paul Cardall

Paul Cardall is an internationally acclaimed pianist whose most recent
album, New Life, debuted at number one on the Billboard chart in 2011.
He is currently working on a new album titled Saving Tiny Hearts that
will debut November 11th, 2014.

Having survived with the odds
against him, Paul says, "You only live twice," this after he had to have
a heart transplant. Today Paul says music is what got him through a
long year and half of waiting and wondering if he was going to survive.
This week, Shauna Lake sits down with Paul Cardall "Person 2 Person."

SHAUNA LAKE: Let's start with the music. What are you working on?

Well I have a lot going on with music. I built a studio here in Salt
Lake City. It's the premiere Steinway & Son's studio. I was invited
by Steinway to become a Steinway artist.

SHAUNA LAKE: What does that mean exactly?

Well it's huge because there are only 1600 pianists that have, since
the beginning of time, that have been asked to be Steinway artists.
Everybody from George Gershwin to Rock Maninoff to today you have Billy
Joel, Harry Connick Jr., and they just asked me to be an artist so
I'm...I'm overwhelmed and thrilled and excited.

I was so interested when I was reading about you that you played when
you were a little kid and just kind of lost interest and, "Oh I don't
really want to play."

most kids take piano lessons and they either love it or they hate it. As
for me and my large family, there were eight kids and there wasn't a
lot of pressure to play. So I quit. I couldn't...I couldn't...I didn't
even like it, but I loved music. But the gift didn't really come until I
was a teenager after the passing of a friend and I went into the piano
in my parents living room and there I discovered I could play by ear and
the music and the melody that came to me seemed to just give me the
comfort and the peace I needed so playing the piano became a regular
thing. It was an addiction. I was doing it three hours a day because it
made me feel so much peace and comfort and then when I was asked to play
for somebody that gave me even more motivation. That's the beginning
of, "Oh maybe this is something I could do."

You talked about your big family, you talked about the death of a
friend, and I know more recently you had a tragic death of your brother


SHAUNA LAKE: Did music help you in that situation also?

It did. Brian was a...when he was not doing his field research he was
playing the guitar and so he used to sit and play for me. In fact after
he passed I kind of stole one of the melodies that he had created and
turned that into a piece of music that I put on my album "New Life." So
his legacy of what he created continued on and the melody spoke such
comfort and peace to me.

SHAUNA LAKE: What stage of your life you were in when you wrote it?

Well the most recent album was "New Life." I had just had a heart
transplant and so all the emotions associated with, "Was I going to
survive because I was waiting for a donor heart?" So there was this
moment of, "How do I capture all those feelings?" And then the miracle
came. I got a heart transplant and then I had to come up with an album
that really defined that moment and it took me a year and a half later
to have that album. But that album is the one that seemed to have the
most impact on people all over the world that were going through similar
things. Maybe not a necessarily a heart transplant but we all have our
different challenges; and that particular album seemed to resonate with
people and I think that's why it was a number one record.

SHAUNA LAKE: What was happening to your heart in that time?

PAUL CARDALL: The heart...well I was born with only half a heart.


So the heart was really damaged from previous surgeries, and it had
enlarged and they just needed to remove it. I remember going into
surgery, the surgery room and I saw all the pieces of equipment and to
me it was like an orchestra. There were all these different parts and
elements and the surgeon was going to perform this magnificent piece of
work, exactly, and he did. He pulled it off.

SHAUNA LAKE: Tell me about your family.

Mostly my number one fan and person who I love the most is my wife who
manages me and keeps me organized. And I just...I think all of my
success in the future will be because of her support and love. I really
can't do it without who I'm married to. I've been given this second
chance in life and to do it without here...I wouldn't want to do it at

SHAUNA LAKE: What does it mean, especially at a young age, to be given the gift of almost your life to live all over again?

I say we only live twice. You know maybe three times if there's another
heart, but being given a second chance in the beginning is kind of a
little rough because you did pack your bags and you did think maybe this
is it. But you fought like crazy to survive and then once
you survive you kind of get into this little slump of, "What do I do
now?" But then it gets better and better and better and having that
second chance you realize everything that you've...this is so beautiful
in this life. And everything that is so worth living for.{ }

SHAUNA LAKE: Paul it's been so nice to get to know you better Person 2 Person.

PAUL CARDALL: Thank you Shauna.

SHAUNA LAKE: Thank you so much for your time.

PAUL CARDALL: Yeah my pleasure.

SHAUNA LAKE: Appreciate it.

-Written and produced by Leslie Tillotson

(Copyright 2014 Sinclair Broadcasting Group.)