Person 2 Person: Skip Daynes

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Person 2 Person: Skip Daynes (Photo provided by Daynes Music)

(KUTV) Skip Daynes is the president of Daynes Music, which has a long history in Utah.

Daynes Music has been a Steinway piano dealer since 1873--one of the oldest dealers they have in America.

Daynes recently received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Steinway & Sons Piano Company.

"I kind of think maybe I'm old, so they'll give me an award," said Daynes. "It really bases on how many pianos you've sold and what you've done for them."

It wasn't his intention to get into the family piano business, which is the oldest family business in Utah.

His father wanted him to learn how to work, so he went to the Jeremy Ranch and worked there from age 8 until he left on an LDS mission.

When he returned from his mission, Daynes had to take over the family business.

"My father was very ill. The business was $100,000 in the red, and my youngest employee was 70 years old," he said.

Daynes was able to turn the business around and even turned several Utah schools into all-Steinway schools.

Daynes Music has also been heavily involved in the arts. Daynes Music let many organization use its building, like the Utah Opera and Utah Civic Ballet--now Ballet West.

Music and the arts aren't the only passions for Daynes.

He loves and has a special connection to dogs. He and his wife raise therapy dogs and take them to many local hospitals.

The Daynes' got involved with the dogs because of a tragic accident.

"My son, Tim, was paralyzed when he was 16 at Lake Powell," said Daynes. "So he got the first service dog in Utah."

Tim was flown back to Salt Lake in a helicopter, and he was in the hospital for several months. Doctors had to put a metal plate in his neck.

"It was hard, but then, what do you do?" said Daynes of the experience.

Daynes, who is nearly 80, and Daynes Music will continue to contribute to the arts. Daynes especially wants children to learn the gift of music.

"I love to hear children play," he said. "We have now taught over 900 children to play church hymns for free.

For more about Daynes Music, visit its website.

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