Web Exclusive: Dan Clark talks about being a song writer


(KUTV) Dan Clark is a song writer and has a couple of gold records.

He has written a lot of songs in the middle of the night because he believes that sleep is "overrated."

"Some of the greatest lessons of our lives come to us while we're in that 'twilight zone' between sleep and awake," he said.

Clark has a recording studio in his home and would write there after his children had gone to bed.

"You've got to take action on your intuition," he said of his late night writing. "You've got to write down on paper some of your greatest ideas."

Later in his interview with Shauna Lake, he told her how writing songs, even letters, helps calm him down.

"I've written hundreds and hundreds of songs that are so pathetic, I wouldn't even share them with my own mother," he said.

In fact, Clark wrote the story that inspired the Kenny Rogers song, "The Greatest."

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