Web Exclusive: David Neeleman talks about his ADD

Web Exclusive: David Neeleman talks about his ADD (Photo provided by David Neeleman)

(KUTV) David Neeleman discovered he had attention deficit disorder when he was in his early 30s.

He believed he had it after reading the book "Driver to Distraction" by Edward Hallowell. But it was confirmed after Hallowell himself visited with Neeleman.

Neeleman has talked about his ADD openly and often gives advice to others with the disorder, especially those who have struggled in school.

"Just because you aren't scholastically up to maybe the rigors of what other people can do, it doesn't mean that you don't have a special place and you can excel and be better than everybody else," Neeleman said. "The key is that you follow your passion."

Even though his parents didn't know he had ADD or perhaps didn't know what it was, Neeleman says they were supportive and gave him the proper space.

"There's just different ways that kids with ADD learn," he said.

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