Web Exclusive: Doug Andrew talks about getting 'tough love' while growing up

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Web Exclusive: Doug Andrew talks about getting 'tough love' while growing up (Photo provided by Doug Andrew)

(KUTV) Doug Andrew had his children earn their own money to pay for school clothes, items they wanted, and even their college education.

Andrew was raised the same way.

He grew up in Ore, Utah and was working at 15 years old. He delivered newspapers and picked cherries before working at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

"Everybody wanted to work at KFC because they paid more than McDonald's or whatever," he said.

He eventually became an assistant manager at 16 years old, managing high school seniors.

"I was a sophomore in high school and I wanted to be cool," he said.

Some of those seniors convinced him to throw eggs off an I-15 overpass.

When he got home that night, his parents seemed to know he had done something wrong and asked him about it. He confessed and his dad come toward him.

"He said, 'Son, I thought we could trust you.'" recalled Andrew. "I had bankrupted the trust bank in one fell swoop."

His father then drove Andrew to the Orem Police Department so he could turn himself in.

Andrew ended up meeting with a police officer who had already encountered him after a burglary at the KFC the month before and explained to him what could have happened to him if someone had been seriously hurt by the egg-throwing incident.

"I went home with my father and thanked him for loving me enough to turn myself into the cops," Andrew said. "That was a game-changer for me. Sometimes you have to have tough love."

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