Web Exclusive: Gail Halvorsen's legacy

Web Exclusive: Gail Halvorsen's legacy (Photo courtesy Gail Halvorsen)

(KUTV) Gail Halvorsen's efforts to drop candy for kids didn't end in Germany.

Operation Little Vittles dropped candy to kids all over the world.

"It makes life richer," Halvorsen said of his legacy.

He kept in touch with some of the children who received candy from him, and even met them when they were adults.

"Some of them came and stayed with me in the state," he said. "They were just so grateful."

He also went back to Berlin in 1970 to be the commander of the air base in Tempelhoff.

"they had me there four year," he said.

And even though this was a huge part of his life, he calls the missions he served for the LDS church his "life's work."

But Operation Little Vittles was a "special experience" for him.

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