Web Exclusive: Gail Halvorsen on the reaction to 'Operation Little Vittles'

Web Exclusive: Gail Halvorsen on the reaction to 'Operation Little Vittles' (Photo courtesy Gail Halvorsen)

(KUTV) Soon after Gail Halvorsen started "Operation Little Vittles," the support and the mail started pouring in.

"We had a women's club that took on the job of answering all the letters," he said. "It just went crazy."

Several letters stick out in his mind, especially from some of the children.

Halvorsen remembers a letter from a girl named Mercedes who told him the planes were scaring her chickens.

"Their feathers are falling out and they're not laying many eggs anymore, and that's bad news!" Halvorsen laughed as he recalled the letter.

So he dropped several parachutes of eggs at her home.

Another boy, Peter Zimmerman, wrote that he wasn't getting any of the candy and gave Halvorsen instructions to his home.

"He sent me a map," Halvorsen remembered. So Halvorsen dropped some candy again.

"He wrote and said, 'You missed me again! How did you guys win the war anyway?" laughed Halvorsen.

So he took another big package of candy to his home.

Operation Little Vittles ended up being instigated in other countries as well, and has brought many children joy all over the world.

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