Web Exclusive: Ivy Estabrooke on women and STEM

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Web Exclusive: Ivy Estabrooke on women and STEM (Photo provided by Ivy Estabrooke)

(KUTV) Ivy Estabrooke notes that there aren't many women in leadership roles in the tech industry.

STEM--science, technology, engineering, and mathematics--may play a big factor in that issue.

"I think when we talk about STEM it's really, in part, a pipeline issue," Estabrooke said.

Estabrooke believes that girls are very interested in those subjects and has seen examples of it through her career.

But she has noticed that as women get older, many of them drop out of those fields.

"You see women dropping out at the graduate level or at the post-doc level, or once they've left higher ed," she said. "So I really think we need to look at the culture."

Estabrooke says the timeline to getting into positions like hers could take some women until age 40. And biologically, that is the time start families if they choose.

"It's hard to balance kids and often a spouse's career and what they're trying to get done, plus your own career," she said.

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