Web Exclusive: Ivy Estabrooke talks about the evolution of her career

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Web Exclusive: Ivy Estabrooke talks about the evolution of her career (Photo provided by Ivy Estabrooke)

(KUTV) Ivy Estabrooke got a Ph.D. in neuroscience, but she wasn't always sure about pursuing a career in science.

"About halfway through grad school, I sort of felt like, 'I'm never going to find this really narrow question that I want to focus the rest of my career on,'" she said.

Finding that question is something you have to do in order to be a researcher in an academic setting.

Estabrooke went to the career services at her school and after taking some tests, she was told she should pursue a law degree.

"I didn't do that, but it did make me look at, 'How else can you apply science in ways that aren't just in a lab or in a hospital setting?'" she said. "And that's what really drew me into science policy."

Estabrooke ended spending time in Washington, D.C. while doing grad work, and worked on Capitol Hill one day a week.

"That really led me to this career at the intersection of government and science," she said.

And even though she didn't find "her question," she feels her job now can help other scientists with theirs.

"I think the role I'm in now, and the role I had in the Department of Defense, I get to enable all of these people who have that question and help figure out how that question is going to get us to improving life in some way," she said.

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