Web Exclusive: Ivy Estabrooke on what's next for USTAR

Web Exclusive: Ivy Estabrooke on what's next for USTAR (Photo provided by USTAR)

(KUTV) Ivy Estabrooke is the executive director for USTAR, the Utah Science, Technology, and Research initiative.

The group does a lot of work that will impact the future.

"USTAR's at a really interesting point this year," she said.

The initiative has started new competitive grant programs and is shifting from mainly supporting researchers at universities to supporting tech entrepreneurs.

"I think that's where we're really going as an organization--what are the best ideas that can translate into economic development for the state and then how can we support them," Estabrooke said.

Those ideas would be supported through funding, mentoring, or networking.

"Most innovative science comes at the nexus of multiple fields," she said.

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