Web Exclusive: Kem Gardner loves his family

Web Exclusive: Kem Gardner loves his family

(KUTV) Kem Gardner has seen a lot of business and financial success, but he wants his kids to be grounded in life.

And his idea to keep them grounded is: "You give it away to charity so they don't get it," he laughed.

Gardner and his wife, Carolyn, have decided that the bulk of their estate will go to charity when they pass. But they have set aside a little bit of money for their family.

"That keeps them grounded. They know they're going to have to work and make it, too," he said.

Gardner has six children and 30 grandchildren. And some of his grandchildren are set to go to college soon.

"I really believe that's what it's all about, is your family and giving opportunities for your kids," he said.

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