Web Exclusive: Kem Gardner on his 'charmed life'

Web Exclusive: Kem Gardner on his 'charmed life' (Photo provided by Kem Gardner)

(KUTV) Kem Gardner has had an interesting career path, with a lot of achievements.

"I think what it is is I just work with good people and they make me look good," Gardner said of his success.

Gardner got involved in politics early in life, which provided him with some good opportunities.

When he was graduating from law school, he was asked to be chief of staff for Senator Frank Moss.

He had been planning to practice law in California.

"That's where I started thinking I had a charmed life," Gardner said. "I learned to know everyone there and I learned all the important people in Utah."

And when he decided to come back and go into business with a friend, Roger Boyer, he already had connections to work with.

But Gardner believes politics is just one way to get to know people. Service in your community, especially working with nonprofits, is another way to get involved according to Gardner.

"There's so many of them and they need the help," he said.

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