Web Exclusive: Kristen Ulmer explains 'The Art of Fear'

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Web Exclusive: Kristen Ulmer explains "The Art of Fear" (Photo courtesy Brad Barlage & provided by Kristen Ulmer)

(KUTV) Kristen Ulmer's book is called "The Art of Fear."

Ulmer says that fear is a big part of our lives and is with us in some form in all moments of our lives.

"If you make it an art of fear, then your life is a work of art," she said. "If you avoid fear, then you're just avoiding your life."

According to Ulmer, mankind has a long history of avoiding anything uncomfortable or unpleasant.

"We've just gotten in this really bad habit about dealing with fear in a kind of controlling, repressive way," she said.

Ulmer has personal experience doing that with fear, especially during her career as an extreme skier.

She found that she was getting injured more, even though she was still in good shape.

"I realized after I quit my career, what was happening is you have to become a really rigid person to not deal with your fear," she said.

She also found that she had PTSD after seeing several friends die while skiing.

"I had a not of near-death experiences and because I wasn't dealing with the emotions, particularly the fear around those experiences, I was pushing them down," she explained. "Well, that's what causes PTSD."

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