Web Exclusive: Nicole Tanner on Swig's explosive growth

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Web Exclusive: Nicole Tanner on Swig's explosive growth (Photo provided by Nicole Tanner)

(KUTV) Swig has seen massive growth since it first opened in 2010 in a small shack in St. George.

It now has 18 locations in Utah and Arizona.

Its popularity grew so organically that Swig didn't need to advertise at first.

"It was all word of mouth," said Nicole Tanner, who founded Swig.

Tanner also contributes media coverage of its St. George locations--including a story from KUTV--as helping bring in business, especially during spring break.

"It really is what blew us out of the water," she said.

The two stores at the time had record days.

"We were just by the masses frosting cookies," Tanner said.

Then investors came in to help aid in its expansion, and two more stores opened up that year.

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