Web Exclusive: Steve Down explains how Even Stevens helps local non-profits


(KUTV) Each Even Stevens restaurant has four non-profit partners who benefit from each sandwich sold.

For every sandwich served at Even Stevens, the company provides a cash credit online to its partners. Those non-profits order their food online and it's delivered from Even Stevens' wholesaler to their freezer or pantry.

"It's working out extraordinarily well," said Steve Down, Even Stevens founder.

The YWCA in Salt Lake City is one of the beneficiaries of this business plan. Even Stevens has helped provide most, if not all, of its sandwich needs.

Down has been inspired by the organizations in Utah that help the hungry.

He recalls a time he helped feed the homeless at Catholic Community Services' kitchen, St. Vincent's.

"It changed my life," he said. "My perception of homelessness suddenly changed. These were families. And of course everyone deserves to be fed."

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