Web Exclusive: Steve Starks talks about what makes the Utah Jazz so great

Web Exclusive: Steve Starks talks what makes the Utah Jazz so great (Photo provided by Utah Jazz)

(KUTV) As president of the Utah Jazz, Steve Starks interacts with some talented basketball players.

Egos may sometimes come with that talent, but Starks says it's not a challenge for the team.

"We want to compete, and it's the nature of the business," he said. "We're fortunate to have good guys on our team and a good culture that doesn't emphasize ego or self."

And when it comes to money and salaries, Starks has learned a lesson from Dennis Lindsey, the Utah Jazz's General Manager.

"He said, 'You can't think about salaries in terms of dollars. Think about it in terms of units,'" recalled Starks. "It takes a little bit of the emotion away from it because every team has units or resources that they can spend on a player."

The Utah Jazz is passionate about giving back to the community and the players are heavily involved in that.

"They know it's important to us, and honestly it's important to them, too," Starks said. "We want to facilitate their ability to go serve or give back, give of their time or resources."

Starks recounts an example where a blind boy was able to use special technology to help him watch Utah Jazz games. After seeing the boy test out the special glasses at a game, player Joe Ingles decided he wanted to buy the boy his own personal set of glasses, so he could use them whenever he wanted.

"It's awesome to see our guys do things like that," said Starks.

Not only do we have the nicest players in the NBA, but according to Starks, we have the most international team in the league.

"Not only are they good guys, but they come from different backgrounds and there's a really good team chemistry," he said.

The Utah Jazz has players from Australia, Brazil, France, and more.

Starks attributes some of the team's chemistry to their coach, Quin Snyder.

"His leadership style fosters that camaraderie and trust and connectivity and so that's been good to see," he said.

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