Web Exclusive: Thurl Bailey on his drive to become a basketball player

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Web Exclusive: Thurl Bailey on his drive to become a basketball player (Photo provided by Thurl Bailey)

(KUTV) Before basketball, Thurl Bailey was interested in his education and music.

"I played the tuba and trombone--they were really cool instruments back then," Bailey smiled.

He was also incredibly tall.

"That's the only that I had," he said when it came to "natural talent" for basketball. "I had desire and I had that."

But he believes even if he wasn't very tall, he would have still made that connection to basketball.

He had a deep belief that he could achieve his dreams of becoming a ball player.

"I think everybody has it," he said of that drive. "For some it's not a long drive. For some it's a very short drive to say, 'I wish I could.'"

According to Bailey, it requires a lot to make dreams come true.

"It requires a lot more than yourself. It requires you going out and finding the right people who can set that off for you," he said.

One of those people for Bailey was his father, who taught him to play basketball.

His idol was also Julius Erving, also known as "Dr. J." He wanted to be just like him.

"I started growing my afro out a little bit more and my dad made a makeshift court in the yard and started teaching me," he said.

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