Centerville Junior High Uses "Aleks" To Help Students With Math


(KUTV) Not every student excels in math class. In fact, for some math can be a real struggle. The administration at Centerville Junior High wanted to do something to improve the school's math scores, so they brought in a classroom helper, a math tutor of sorts.

"I struggle with fractions and stuff, dividing and all that," said Bailey Gough.

This year, Bailey got a little help from "Aleks".

"You can pick which topics you want to work on, so if you're struggling, you can click on it and do that, " said Gough.

Aleks is a program that math teacher Bill McKay uses in his ninth grade classroom at Centerville Junior High.

"They can work on topics that they've missed or aren't too sure of from prior years. The other part of it is, I can build assignments that basically coincide to the chapters that we're working on currently," said McKay.

Aleks can even customize programs specific to a student's needs.

"It's individualized. The topics, every kid is going to be in a different place in math. It basically individualizes what that kid needs," said McKay.

This is the second year McKay has used this program in his classroom. He says he's seeing results.

"Increased test scores, just not in our chapter tests, but end of year testing last year. We saw a huge increase," said McKay.

Mckay says last year the ninth grade class was 73 percent proficient, up more than 20 percent from the year before. Gough says she's seeing results, too.

"It's really helpful for me because if we mess up or something it can walk us through everything we've already done and it's just like good practice," said Gough.

Aleks is supplemental, designed to help the teacher, not take the place of the teacher. The program provides support at home, too.