Fresh Start 2 Fitness: Training to improve your motor control and coordination

Fresh Start 2 Fitness: Training to improve your motor control and coordination (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) When composing an exercise routine, resistance and cardiovascular training are usually at the forefront of training, and with good reason.

However, most people forget to include motor control exercises that help round out your total physical performance, says Jeffrey Beck, exercise specialist at the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute in Murray.

It's important to add training and games to your regimen that will help improve your motor control and coordination, Beck adds. Plus, the good thing about this style of training is it is often quite fun.

Beck recommends that you complete the following exercises a few times per week to help improve your coordination and dexterity:

1) Target Practice: This game is surprisingly difficult and very addicting! Fill up several balloons and stick them to the wall. Start off fairly close to the targets. Throw a ball and try to hit one. When you do, move back a few steps and throw at the targets again. Repeat this formula until all the balloons have been hit. This game can be played with two people.

2) Dribbling: Using a tennis ball, try to dribble it like you would a basketball alternating with each hand. You'll find it more difficult and unpredictable this way, but it will improve your motor control, coordination and test your patience!

3) Balloon Tossing: This exercise can be done alone or with a partner. Simply fill up a balloon and bump it to your partner using your hands, head, or other body parts. The first one to let the balloon hit the ground loses.

4) Wall Ball Bounce: All you need for this is a wall and a tennis ball. Simply bounce the ball off the floor so it bounces back to you from off the wall. Retrieve it using one hand only. Do ten reps per hand.