Mumsy Blog - Best Education Apps for Kids

Best education apps for children. (Photo: courtesy Mumsy Blog)

(KUTV) Michelle Petersen of the Mumsy Blog joined us in studio to discuss the best educational apps for children.

"School is in session, which means us moms want our kids to do their very best," says Petersen. "And technology can be a great way to help our kids succeed in school."

"There are lots of apps out there, many of which are free or cost hardly anything at all to download. So why not have your kids use ones that makes learning fun and also make you feel less guilty about your kids having screen time."

The Mumsy Blog's top picks for educational apps:

Pre-school age

  • Motion Math: Hungry Fish
  • Endless ABCs
  • Plants by Tinybop

1st-3rd grade

  • Shipantics: The legend of the kiki beast
  • The Sight Word Adventure
  • The foos-coding

4th-6th grade

  • Stack the States
  • Monument Valley
  • dragonbox elements-geography proofs