Check Your Health | Stories - AHA Predicts Heart Problems Will Increase In Coming Years
Tuesday, June 18 2013, 08:00 AM MDT
AHA Predicts Heart Problems Will Increase In Coming Years
(CBS) Heart failure is going to become a much bigger problem and a bigger burden on our health system in the coming years.

The American Heart Association estimates the number of Americans with the disease will jump 45% to 8-million in 2030.

Tom Brizuela has been suffering from congestive heart failure for the last 15-years. His enlarged heart struggles to pump enough blood throughout his body, so the 58-year-old tires easily. "Sometimes I am out of breath when I walk out of my bedroom to the kitchen,” he says.

Brizuela is one of 5-million people in the United States with heart failure. In a new policy statement, the American Heart Association says that number could spike 46% to 8-million in 2030 as the baby boomers age.

"There are a number of risk factors for developing heart failure. These include things like being obese, high blood pressure, diabetes, and older age,” UCLA Cardiologist Dr. Gregg Fonarow said.

According to the American Heart Association, the costs to treat heart failure could more than double to $70-billion in less than 20 years. But the statement's co-author Dr. Gregg Fonarow says it's possible to reverse that trend. "Prevention is really key. Heart failure can be prevented in many individuals if there is more appropriate early detection of those with risk factors for heart failure and aggressive treatment."

Brizuela is staying positive while he waits for a new heart. "I thank God for another day. Another gift. A life,” he said.

It could take up to three years for him to get a transplant.

Heart failure is the leading cause of hospitalization for those over 65. The American Heart Association statement also calls for specialized training for healthcare professionals to meet the future demands of heart failure patients. It also suggests increasing hospice care to treat patients with the advanced form of the disease.

AHA Predicts Heart Problems Will Increase In Coming Years

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