ArduSat: Affordable space exploration for everyone

ArduSat: Affordable space exploration for everyone

(KUTV) Kevin Cocco from AduSat talked about how their company has created a way for schools to do science experiments from air quality to space exploration.

ArduSat's mission is to provide affordable space exploration for everyone. ArduSat is currently working on an air quality project to test the air quality in UT with various sensors.

ArduSat's Classroom Launch Pack includes includes a software subscription to the Experiment Platform, a DemoSat, and Launch Pack Hardware.

The Demosat is a powerful tool for scientific measurement using the entire sensor kit and is perfect for everything from performing science experiments to learning about satellite technology.

The Experiment Platform helps students create live data streams, analyze their data using data science tools, store their data, publish their data, and subscribe to other published experiments throughout the world in student portfolios and more.

The individual space kits contain the sensors found on the real satellites as well as basic electronic components to get started.

ArduSat has a variety of different experiments-from measuring motion data while skiing to seeing how much g-force one can generate-available to customers with the space kit.

Once you've purchased your space kit, there is a "Getting Started in under 60 minutes" guide on the ArduSat's website.

To request an in-depth demonstration and see pricing info, click here.

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