Back to school in Utah's largest school district, which is only getting bigger

Back to School in Utah's largest school district which is only getting bigger (Photo: Amy Nay / KUTV)

(KUTV) Tuesday marked the first day back to school for hundreds of thousands of students in Utah including in the Alpine School District, Utah's largest.

The newest school in the district is Skyridge high school, open just one year ago. Some 2600 students attend the school located in Lehi that started its new season Tuesday.

Student body officers rolled out an orange carpet and gave the incoming freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors a warm welcome handing out candy and high fives.

"We're just trying to be friendly and make it like the friendliest environment we can," studentbody president Josh Hadfield told 2News, "We're just going to make the year as good as we can."

Supported by what he said was the largest student council in the state, they all lined up in front of the school's front doors to say welcome back to their fellow students.

"They weren't saying much. They were a little shy, but that's alright," Hadfield said of the reaction to the welcome that's becoming a tradition.

"There's just something fun when you walk into that building. It's just amazing," Principal Joel Perkins told 2News.

He's had to hire 22 new staff members and add 16 classrooms for this year. This is because of the population surge that only continues in Lehi and northern Utah County.

"We opened at 4A. We're now 5A, and if we keep going we're going to have to be 6A in the next realignment," Perkins said, "It's significant growth. With that comes challenges, but also a lot of great opportunities."

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