Parents: Six tips to share with your kids to keep them safe online

Online tips. (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Our children are digital natives. Growing up in the tech world, they can navigate a smartphone, like we used to navigate maps. That also means, predators are on the web ready to prey on our children. Parents, here are few pointers to share with your kids to keep them safe online. As parents, we can't protect our children from everything (even though we want to), but we can help them be smart internet navigators.

"The earlier you talk about it, the earlier you arm them with the tools to actually protect themselves, the better," said Jeff Lind with Codeword Agency.

Lind shares six tips to keep our kids safe online. His number one tip, never post personal information.

"Where you live, parent's names, your real name anything like that because you don't always know who's on it or who's listening on the social network you may be on," said Lind.

Next, be careful sharing photos.

"You never want to put anything on the internet a photo of anything, whether it's about someone else or about you that you're not comfortable having people see forever," said Lind.

Third, keep those passwords secret. Fourth, let your kids know never meet up with strangers they met online.

"You have places where you meet people and you play games and you've never met them before and you have places like Facebook that you can actually tie some sort of a physical identity to someone," said Lind.

When posting content remember to be polite and respectful.

"If they see something, tell a parent. If they want to say something that's rude, don't say it. Just cut it off in its tracks," said Lind.

Lastly, teach your children how to crash and tell.

"If you see something you feel uncomfortable with, shut it off and tell your parents," said Lind.

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