Dueling troubadours: Chris Pine and Ben Foster talk friendship and 'Hell or High Water'

Dueling troubadours: Chris Pine and Ben Foster talk friendship and 'Hell or High Water'

(KUTV) It’s a hot and sticky morning just outside of Austin when I slide into a chair across from Ben Foster and Chris Pine to talk about their latest film “Hell or High Water,” a modern western where the duo plays brothers who embark on a series of bank robberies to pay back what they owe on their recently-deceased mother’s farm.

Following an unexpected moment where Pine praises my choice in footwear we dive into the interview.

Pine signed on to the project early. Foster, who worked with Pine on “The Finest Hours,” was quick to follow suit.

“[It’s] the most realized script that I’ve read in the last ten years,” says Foster.

Foster says that he feels at home in Texas, that he had more friends in Austin than he does in New York City, where he lives.

Pine’s character, Toby Howard, is something of a departure for the actor.

Pine says, “The big appeal for me was not talking a lot… I know that sounds like I’m trying to be funny, but I’m very serious.”

Taylor Sheridan’s (“Sicario”) script is packed with great lines, but it is the space that director David Mackenzie gives this cast to work in that makes the film exceptional. Mackenzie allows his cast to breathe life into the scenes as they develop a true sense of comradery.

Pine says that he loves working on the larger blockbusters, but there is something special about a film where there isn’t nearly as much artifice.

“Hell or High Water” is in theaters now. Expect to hear more about the film as we dive into award season later on in the year.

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