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Tuesday, August 6 2013, 11:37 AM MDT
Outdoor Essentials
Outdoor excursions are an excellent excuse to turn off technology – but they also double as a family bonding experience! Jana from shares a few recommendations for packing the essentials.

Turtle Gus
( This cuddly toy doubles as a portable night-light and is a handy tool for those fun camping nights. Not only will it comfort any kiddo that is a little scared of the dark, but it can help light up a tent as you get your tot situated at night. Built with a timer that turns the light off when your kid finally gets to sleep, you don't have to worry about it being on all night. 40% off - Retail $19.99 - Steal Price $11.99

Poivre Blanc Fleece & Velvet Jackets ( Perfect for early morning hikes and cool summer nights, these jackets are ideal for layering while you are camping. They are breathable, soft, and great for year-round wear weather. They are buttery soft and are made by a premium outdoor brand for kids! 50% off - Retail $50.00 - Steal Price $24.99

Mon Petit Foldable Water Bottle ( Great for camping and all types of travel, these space-saving water bottles will help reduce the bulk and weight in your child's overnight camping bag.  Mon Petit Mardi Foldable Water Bottles are BPA free, flexible, reusable bottles and feature a small carabiner for a convenient carrying option on-the-go. 50% off - Retail $19.99 - Steal Price $9.98

Popochos Watches (  These are the perfect accessory to accompany any child camping - Popochos watches have been shown to improve circulation, relieve stress, increase mental alertness, and strengthen the immune system. They are light-weight, water-resistant, and have large numbers so your kiddo can keep track of the time while venturing through the great outdoors!  69% off - Retail $48.99 - Steal Price $14.99

Kidorable Nature Walk Hat and T-shirt (  From the whimsical, adorable, and soft expedition-style sun hat to the coordinating embroidered cotton tee, your kiddo can create a delightful, critter-inspired outfit perfect for discovering the natural world and searching for butterflies, ladybugs, and frogs. 50% off - Hat Steal $6.50 - Shirt Steal $10
USA Dawgs Spirit Shoes ( Ideal for warm days and long hours outside, these supremely comfy kicks really do have it all. USA Dawgs Spirit Shoes are an innovative hybrid of a breathable and soft EVA upper fused with the fit, stability, support, and profile of an athletic shoe. Designed to be lightweight, worn with or without socks, antimicrobial, odor resistant, and easy to clean, these are the perfect shoes to take for camping at a lake or river! 44-47% off - Retail $25-$30 - Steal Price: $13.99-$15.99

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