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Tuesday, June 18 2013, 08:38 AM MDT
Composting with Oakdell Egg Farms
Kim Peterson from Oakdell Egg Farms shares tips with us about how to use compost
Oakdell's organic compost is the official compost of Thanksgiving Point and has maintained the Rodale certification for its premium chicken-manure based compost by implementing meticulous processes and testing.

Benefits of organic compost:

Every plant deserves a good start. As a multi-purpose compost, Oakdell's organic compost will make just about any plant grow better and is ideal for vegetable gardens, flower beds, trees, potted plants and even lawn fertilization. It contains important nutrients to help plants reach their full potential.
The compost 
•       is an all-natural product
•       is safe around children and pets
•       has no offensive odor
•       improves overall quality of soil that leads to better plant growth
•       reduces need for chemical fertilizers
•       helps soil retain moisture
•       helps improve aeration to allow plant roots to receive more oxygen
•       promotes sustainability

For more information on Oakdell Egg Farms and composting, visit

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