Pay It Forward
Tuesday, June 18 2013, 10:00 AM MDT
Pay It Forward: Zack's Shack
(KUTV) Zack Bird is only 9 years old, but he's already found a way to help people all around the world.

It started when he was in the first grade and found out that there are many people in developing countries who desperately need wheelchairs.

His whole class got involved, but Zack wanted to raise enough money on his own to buy a wheelchair.

"That first year, we were hoping, crossing our fingers that he would actually earn $86. We had called family and friends to make sure he could reach his goal. After that, it's just blossomed year after year," says Zack's dad.

With the help of all of Zack's family, the "Zack Shack" is now a yearly event – and this past weekend, he raised enough to buy dozens of wheelchairs.

And now, Zack is part of a national contest, where out of hundreds of participants, he is the only one from Utah.

Details will be available on Zack's website after midnight Wednesday -

For a complete list of the top 200 causes or to vote for Zack's Shack click here:
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