Town Hall Schedule

  • Wednesday, May 7 2014

    Topic: City Schools

    Station: WHAM

    Market: Rochester, NY

    Studio/Location: Details coming soon

  • Tuesday, May 13 2014

    Topic: Stand Your Ground

    Station: WPDE

    Market: Myrtle Beach, SC

    Studio/Location: Details coming soon

  • Thursday, May 15 2014

    Topic: Veteran Suicide

    Station: KOKH

    Market: Oklahoma, OK

    Studio/Location: Details coming soon

  • Thursday, May 22 2014

    Topic: AMP Transportation

    Station: WZTV

    Market: Nashville, TN

    Studio/Location: Details coming soon

  • Thursday, June 5 2014

    Topic: Immigration

    Station: KFOX

    Market: El Paso, TX

    Studio/Location: Details coming soon

  • Tuesday, June 17 2014

    Topic: Details coming soon

    Station: KGAN

    Market: Cedar Rapids, IA

    Studio/Location: Details coming soon

  • Thursday, June 26 2014

    Topic: Details coming soon

    Station: WKEF

    Market: Dayton, OH

    Studio/Location: Details coming soon

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Government Accountability

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    Your Voice, Your Future Stories

    •  The Rebirth Of Al Qaeda?
    •  What If Congress Was Forced To Balance The Budget?
    •  Overhauling The Tax Code
    •  Top Ten Tax Flops
    •  The NSA's Image Makeover
    •  What's Next In Gun Control?
    •  Will Social Security Be Around For The Long Haul?
    •  Where's The Oversight?
    •  The Most Traveled President
    •  Decentralizing Washington
    •  Feds Fly First Class
    •  Peddling Influence On Capitol Hill
    •  Sacrificing The Healthcare Of Veterans For Cash Bonuses?
    •  The Energy Behind Ukraine
    •  Did Two Powerful U.S. Senators Receive Illegal Political Donations?
    •  Is It Time To Overhaul The IRS?
    •  Is U.S. Leadership On The Decline?
    •  Is The CIA Spying On Congress?
    •  Federal Employees Fly First Class
    •  IRS Looks To Standardize Questions
    •  Congressmen And The Special Interests They Curry And Cater
    •  Will Former IRS Head Lois Lerner Be Held In Contempt?
    •  Shrinking The Department Of Defense
    •  Russians Blame The West For The Showdown In Ukraine
    •  The New Face Of Food Stamps
    •  FBI Had Human Source In Contact With Osama Bin Laden Dating Back To 1993
    •  Young Workers Still Hit Hard By Unemployment
    •  Billions Of Tax Dollars At Stake Over Combatting Global Warming
    •  U.S. Forces Use Inferior Weapons
    •  Economy Is Stuck On Frozen
    •  Is A College Degree Worth The Price Of A Student Loan?
    •  Changing Washington From Outside Of Washington
    •  Congress Exempts Itself From Some Laws
    •  The Younger Generation Sets Politics Aside
    •  Going It The President Obama Way
    •  Military Budget Cuts
    •  Farm Bill More Pork, Less Beef
    •  Making Six Figures Without Showing Up For Work
    •  The Tea Party Wants An Apology
    •  Softening on Immigration
    •  Presidential Over Reach
    •  Tracking The Truth
    •  America's Love Affair With Heroin
    •  Professional Sports Teams Milk Taxpayers
    •  Is A Conflict Of Interest Looming Over IRS Investigation?
    •  The Pot Rush
    •  Should Your Secrets Be Stored With A Phone Company?
    •  The New IRS Rules For Poltiical Groups
    •  The Benghazi Attack Was Preventable
    •  Do Members Of Congress Represent Your Best Interests?
    •  The NSA's Growing Ambition
    •  U.S. Spends Billions Helping Foreign Countries Fight Climate Change
    •  National Parks - Should We Maintain Them Or Create More?
    •  "Washington's 10 Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians"
    •  Biggest Threat To America
    •  2014 Brings Loads Of New Laws
    •  Do We Still Need The TSA?
    •  Political Dynasty
    •  Growing Government
    •  Fraud At The EPA
    •  Manpad Threat
    •  Airfare Taxes
    •  Budget Peril
    •  A Moral Issue?
    •  The Book On Waste
    •  Power to the People
    •  Waste In Washington
    •  Where's The Leadership in Washington?
    •  Congressional Report Card
    •  Regulating Drones
    •  The Power of PACS
    •  Should Lobbyists Write Laws?
    •  The Legacy of Barack Obama
    •  Military Generals Cash in on Connections
    •  Prayer at Public Town Meetings
    •  Why Did The Military Cremate Some Servicemen?
    •  The Most Advanced Buildings Garner Generous Tax Breaks
    •  Why Has Congress Been Reluctant to Reign in NSA?
    •  American Taxpayers Shoulder Burden of Climate Change
    •  Stimulus to End for Food Stamps
    •  How Would You Like to Donate as Much Cash as You Desire to Candidates?
    •  Who Holds the Real Power in Washington?
    •  Celebrated in Life, Swept Under the Rug in Death
    •  Lawmakers Felt no Pain From the Partial Government Shutdown
    •  Fire Congress Poll
    •  Will Voters Remember?
    •  What Would Have Happened if we Defaulted?
    •  Voters Show Displeasure Over the Shutdown
    •  Outrage Over Closure of Nations War Memorial
    •  Truckers Protest Shutdown
    •  Is Senator Cruz a Uniter or Divider?
    •  How Much Fraud is Connected to Social Security Disability Benefits?
    •  A Noted Neurosurgeon Believes the IRS Put Him Under the Microscope for Criticizing Obamacare
    •  Polls Show Voters Blame all Members of Congress for the Shutdown
    •  Why Do Non-Essential Employees Work for the Federal Government?
    •  Congress Has Not Passed a Budget in Nearly Four Years
    •  Who Ultimately Makes the Decisions During a Government Shutdown?
    •  Impact of a Government Shutdown
    •  Who Wins When States Raise the Minimum Wage?
    •  Secret Savings
    •  Who Can Get a Federal Security Clearance?
    •  Emotional Call for Gun Control
    •  New Report Finds Investigation in Deadly Benghazi Attacks was Flawed
    •  Is it the End of Congressional Town Hall Meetings?
    •  What did our Congressional Leaders do During the August Break?
    •  FMLA Leave
    •  9/11 Rallies Collide in Washington
    •  Congressional Landscape Switching Over Syria
    •  Attacking Syria With or Without Congressional Approval
    •  Gun Control by Executive Order
    •  The Push to Form a new State
    •  Limited Military Intervention in Syria
    •  Fighting Alongside Al-Qaeda
    •  How Far Have Race Relations Come?
    •  Are We on the Verge of a Race War?
    •  Is There a Double Standard to Race and Crime?
    •  The Relationship Between the NSA and Telecommunication Providers
    •  By Executive Order
    •  Rap and Hollywood
    •  Selective Enforcements of Laws
    •  Green Ammunition
    •  Welfare Wages
    •  Welfare pays more than Working for Some
    •  Healthcare Reform: A Doctor's Perspective
    •  Controversial Ambassador Appointments
    •  A Month Long Vacation for Congress
    •  Sen. Cruz: Obama Wrong on Egypt
    •  No Change in Obamacare Opinions
    •  Military Tech Used At the Border?
    •  Media Decisions and Race
    •  Race/Media in Zimmerman Case
    •  Why is immigration reform slow?
    •  Questions about Energy Dept Nom.
    •  Unions Oppose Obamacare
    •  Obama Economic Performance
    •  Benghazi Accountability Rally
    •  Pres. Obama and Race
    •  The Death of Credit Unions?
    •  A Brain Drain in Washington
    •  Key People in the IRS Scandal
    •  Targeting Political Candidates & Donors
    •  Rising Reliance on Food Stamps
    •  March for Jobs
    •  Department of Justice Peacekeepers
    •  Part Time America
    •  Uninsured Must Still Pay
    •  The Curse of a Second Term
    •  Obamacare on Delay
    •  Crisis at the Dialysis Center
    •  Supreme Court Registers Lowest Approval Rating
    •  The Politics of Farming
    •  Reviving DOMA
    •  The Next Step for Proponents of Same-Sex Marriage
    •  Suing the Federal Government
    •  The Politics of Immigration
    •  What's Changed?
    •  The Domino Effect of Syria
    •  Activist James O'Keefe Talks About his new Book
    •  State of the Labor Market
    •  Compensating Farmers
    •  Silencing Potential Whistleblowers
    •  What Happened to Transparency?
    •  Immigration Reform Hurdles
    •  Spying in America
    •  Does Privacy still Exist?
    •  IRS Targeting Hearing
    •  Resurging Tea Party
    •  What was Inappropriate?
    •  Suing the IRS
    •  Fed Spying
    •  The IRS and Sarah Hall Ingram
    •  Growing Concerns of IRS Competency
    •  Scrapping the IRS
    •  Losing Control
    •  Scandals that Bring Back Memories
    •  Networking in the White House
    •  IRS Targets Conservative Groups
    •  The Cost of Insurance Under Obamacare
    •  What's Next for Benghazi?
    •  Will Benghazi Impact the 2016 Presidential Election?
    •  Who's in Charge at the State Department?
    •  Regulating Coal
    •  Clean Coal Technology
    •  Terror Watch List
    •  A Reasonable Search?
    •  Grounded in Politics
    •  Missed Signs
    •  What's the Chechen Connection?
    •  April Brings Tragedy
    •  A New Era of Terrorism?
    •  Is the IRS Reading Your Email?
    •  NRA Will Not Sit Idle
    •  The Money Behind Immigration Reform
    •  President Obama's Budget
    •  America's Budget
    •  Illegal Immigrants Pay Taxes
    •  ICE Move Under Review
    •  How Taxes Mold a State's Future
    •  Tracking Federal Money
    •  Plotting Presidential Candidates for 2016
    •  Is the Republican Party Broken?
    •  Congressional Perks
    •  Medicaid Gift Cards
    •  Federal Workers & Taxes
    •  The Horror Show that is Sequestration
    •  Ammo is in Short Supply for Consumers but not the Feds
    •  Small Business Owners Size up Sequestration
    •  Washington is Broken
    •  Sequestration has Settled in
    •  How will Sequestration Impact Us?



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