A sour feeling for some who ordered sweet treats


(KUTV) Lorie Newbold is making treats for her family after a subscription service for mail-order treats have left her soured. In December, she signed up for mail-delivery treats from a company called Treatsie.

“They just offered unique artisan candies from across the country,” she said.

Newbold paid $69 for what should have been four shipments. After two, she got a troubling email.

“There was an email that said we've run into some problems. Boxes will be late,” Newbold said. “If they're not going to give me the boxes. I'd just take my money back.

After months of no boxes and, worse, no responses to the multiple emails she sent, Lorie decided to Get Gephardt.

A quick internet search shows Lorie is not alone in her frustration with treatise. We found dozens of negative reviews, some calling the company a "scam."

When Get Gephardt contacted Treatsie on Lorie’s behalf, this time, the company responded.

Keith Hoelzeman, who said he's the co-founder of Treatsie, wrote:

"Our team of 3 people, including myself, are working through any and all emails as fast as is humanly possible to get everyone taken care of.

"If customers asked for a refund prior to shipment, we're processing those as well."

Just like that, Lorie got her refund.

Lorie did get auto-replies to her emails saying the company was having production problems. They never explained what the problems were.

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