After company wouldn't honor sold Groupon, the 'Groupon Promise' falls flat

After company wouldn't honor sold Groupon, the 'Groupon Promise' falls flat (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Jon Fairbanks didn't want to be cleaning his house himself. That's why he paid $84 for a gift certificate to have his home professionally cleaned. But when he tried make an appointment with the cleaners, he could never get anyone to answer, he says, and the voicemail box was often full.

"I have not been able to contact them,” Fairbanks said. “There's a phone number that says I need to schedule an appointment and I've tried many times."

Fairbanks turned to the company which sold him the certificate, Groupon, but he says the company refused to make him whole.

“They say, ‘We can no longer offer a refund,’ because it's past the three-day grace period to request a refund per their fine print,” Fairbanks said. They have my money and I feel like I've been sucker punched in the gut."

To offer its customers piece of mind, Groupon has whole web page dedicated to "The Groupon Promise." The gist of the promise is that if you have a bad experience, Groupon will "work with you to make it right."

Fairbanks says that promise certainly wasn't lived up to for him.

Get Gephardt tried repeatedly to contact Groupon to talk about this case. No one from the company responded, but almost immediately after out contacts, Fairbanks heard from the company.

Within days, Fairbanks says Groupon contacted him and gave him all of his money back.

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