Brigham City residents face unexpectedly high power bills

Brigham City residents face unexpectedly high power bills (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Casey Carver says he hasn't done anything different this summer to keep his home cool. His July power bill sure indicates otherwise.

"It has never been higher than a hundred dollars," he said.

Last month he racked up a bill of $151.34. The amount is double what he owed a month earlier – and July 2017 is nearly double what he paid in July 2016.

Carver is not alone. Get Gephardt heard from about a dozen of his neighbors in Brigham City who report being stunned but the high power bills.

Brigham City Public Power resource manager Tom Ammons says the hot July temperatures contributed to the big bills. It’s not just the highs, but also the lows, that never really got all that low. Folks left their A/C units running all day and all night.

"[Normally,] they'd kick off at like 9 o’clock at night. Now they're going into 1 o’clock in the morning before your house finally cools down," he said.

Additionally, power is also more expensive to purchase in the summer months when demand is high.

Also, July turned to be a weird billing month for the utility. There were 4 extra billing days in July, 35 days instead of July’s 31. Ammons says all of this adds up to a 76% average on what Brigham City residents are being told they owe for power usage.

The city is offering help to those not expecting the large increase.

"We are going to offer a deferral payment program for those that request it," he said.

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