Caterer cancels day before wedding then refuses refund claiming 'miscommunication'

(KUTV) When Gary and Mary Carter texted their caterer to inform him that that their wedding reception was going to be moving from one Springville, Utah, church to another, the caterer replied with one word: “Okay."

But it wasn't okay: The day before the wedding the caterer dropped a bombshell that he was considering the contract cancelled.

“I never did hear back from you regarding the new location for your event," he texted. "I have to assume your event has been cancelled."

Mary panicked.

"I never said I was cancelling, I never gave any indication other than we had to change address," she said.

The caterer claimed he'd been trying to reach them but couldn't. He said it was too late to cater the event.

Gary and Mary demanded their money back.

"He says, 'Oh no, you don't get your money back.,'" Gary said. "He said, 'You cancelled the contract within certain amount of time. This is nonrefundable.'"

Gary and Mary are out the $1,750 they were convinced to pay in-full, up front to the caterer, an Orem company called Dude’s BBQ.

"We got zilch, nothing from him, absolutely nothing,” Mary said. “He has our money, and he did nothing for us."

In an email to Get Gephardt, Dude’s BBQ’s owner stated he is "not responsible for the situation," claiming he never heard where the change of venue was going to be.

"When it comes to something as important as a change of venue, more effort should have been made by this client to verify that I was aware of the situation," Dude’s BBQ wrote.

When Get Gephardt last heard from Dude's BBQ, the owner told us he'd be open to giving a partial refund to Mary and Gary, and emphasized that he was glad Get Gephardt was involved.

“I am really hoping that your unbiased involvement in this matter can help us come to a fair resolution with this client, and I appreciate your help in doing so,” he wrote. “I actually would like to request that since you are involved, that we keep your involvement throughout this process…Please let me know if Mary would like to schedule a time for us to have a conversation.”

Dude’s BBQ has not responded to Get Gephardt’s multiple attempts to reach out by both phone and email in the seven weeks since.

Mary and Gary are now considering legal options, including filing a complaint with the Utah division of consumer protection.

UPDATE: Caterer offers refund after public outcry

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