Driveway repairs delayed more than a year

Get Gephardt: Driveway repairs delayed more than a year (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Jim Easley's driveway has issues. Several of the slabs have settled and sunk in a way that has them sticking out of the ground several inches.

But here's the kicker - someone has already been paid to fix the issue.

“It's been over a year,” Easley said.

Before buying the home in April of 2016, the person selling Jim the home agreed to have the problem fixed. Jim says the seller paid a concrete company representative a total of about $2900 but the company never showed up to do the job.

"We couldn't get them to come out and take care of the driveway even though they had received the money for this," he said.

Rolfe Construction’s owner didn't want to go on camera, but by phone, the stated that one of his former employees had the check for the job made out to himself, personally. That employee disappeared with the money, Rolfe Construction says.

Rolfe Construction had already offered Jim a partial refund but were now going to offer a full refund of the money paid to their former employee.

Sure enough, Jim says he got a check for $2900 and is currently getting bids to finally fix his driveway.

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