Get Gephardt investigates: Tax return typos could cost you your tax return money

Tax return typos could cost you your tax return money (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Whitney Montgomery is still trying to get her 2013 federal tax return.

“We made a silly mistake and we accidentally gave them the wrong account info," she said.

The typo was discovered it when her $1,496 refund ended up in someone else's bank account at her bank, Wells Fargo.

"I think that Wells Fargo could partially be responsible because if they had matched our names it would have just been rejected," she said.

But she said Wells Fargo can't help. Neither can the IRS.

"The IRS stated to us in a letter that they do not have the authority to withdraw that money from her account to fix it," Montgomery said.

She even reached out to the IRS taxpayer advocate which exists to help clean up the tricky messes between taxpayers and the IRS system. Even that didn’t do her any good.

“I just want my money back," she said.

Get Gephardt reached out to the IRS on Montgomery’s behalf but their spokesman told us he is "prohibited by law from commenting" on specific situations. The spokesman refused to even offer general guidance on what a taxpayer can do if their deposit goes to somebody else.

Montgomery’s story comes as no surprise to tax attorney Michelle Turpin. She says the IRS is an absolute mess right now, and it seems to be getting worse and worse every year.

"The time it takes for cases to go through is, I'm going to say, 10 times what it used to be," she said.

Turpin blames budget cuts at the IRS.

“I have people that will hire me and pay my ridiculous hourly rate just to solve small issues because they go nuts, and they go crazy over the system."

Her advice to Montgomery: "Don't count on getting it back anytime soon."

So, no happy ending for Montgomery on this one -- yet. She continues to appeal hoping to one day see the money that is rightfully hers.

In the meantime, she said, "We've definitely been more careful when filing taxes."

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