Get Gephardt Investigates: Getting a refund when your credit card is stolen

Getting a refund when your credit card is stolen

(KUTV) Kathryn Chapman gets her coffee from a simple coffee machine, not the $861.84 espresso machine she says some fraudster purchased from using her credit card.

"They purchased an in-the-wall, installed coffee and expresso maker, which sounds very extravagant, something we would never splurge on for ourselves," she said.

Chapman immediately called Walmart but it was too late; the product had already shipped. Still, Walmart told Chapman that if she filled out a little paperwork, they would gladly refund the bogus charges, she says.

"They just told me to wait 30 to 40 days for the refund.”

A full year later, no refund from Walmart and when she tries to contact the company's fraud department she can’t get answers.

"Every time I’ve submitted my information to them, they are just completely unresponsive," she said. "It's really frustrating."

Frustrated and out $861 for a coffee maker she never ordered, Chapman decided it was time to Get Gephardt.

A spokesperson for Walmart said in an email the delay is Chapman’s fault stating, “it looks as if Ms. Chapman didn’t submit all the necessary information on her ID Theft affidavit, and that’s the reason it was rejected.”

We attempted to follow-up, pointing out that Chapman tried multiple times to contact Walmart to fix the error and asking them to speak to it. Walmart didn’t respond to our follow up email.

Still, some long awaited good news for Chapman: after calls from Get Gephardt, her refund was processed.

The Fair Credit Billing Act says if your credit card number is stolen, you're not liable for unauthorized purchases. BUT, if the fraud report is not made within 60 days of the charge, you become liable for all of it.

Another thing you can do if you’re ever a victim is dispute the charges with your credit card company and let them work on your behalf for the refund.

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