Get Gephardt Investigates: Regulators want vanishing contractor criminally charged

Regulators want vanishing contractor criminally charged (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) At eight months pregnant, climbing a ladder into a loft is not how Tanisia Davis wants to access what will be her kids' new playroom. The man she hired two months ago and paid $900 to build stairs and a railing still hasn't done the job.

“We were anticipating two weeks,” Davis said. “The contract said 30 days."

Davis said the contractor, a man named Tyler Parker, has offered excuses and has, time-and-again, promised the job will be completed.

"His excuses were so far out that it was like, this is ridiculous," she said.

It wasn't until she did some more digging that Davis found a Get Gephardt story from September 2016.

In that report, Tommy Barlow complained that he had hired Parker to install a railing around a deck but Parker failed to show up to complete the work for which he’d been paid.

In the report, it was also exposed that Parker had twice been cited by Utah's division of occupational and professional licensing for contracting without a license. He was ordered to stop contracting and pay a fine. DOPL said that fine hasn’t been paid, he still doesn’t have a license and, as Davis can attest, it seems Parker is still taking money for contractor work.

"How is this guy still doing this?” Davis said. “After all of these investigations, how are we still a victim of him? Why is this still a problem?"

State regulators have again cited Parker, now for violating consumer laws.

Regulators also want Parker to face criminal charges and have turned the case over to the Salt Lake County district attorney.

Get Gephardt was able to reach Parker through text message two weeks ago. He stated he'd finish Davis’ job or give her a full refund within one week. Neither has happened, Davis says.

Parker has since stopped responding to Get Gephardt.

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