Amazon Prime Day is here. Will it have what you 'need?'

Amazon Prime Day is here. Will it have what you 'need?' (WJLA File Photo)

(KUTV) The computers at will be put to the test as more than 40 million Prime members are expected to be shopping the company's hyped-up deals.

For 30 hours beginning at 7PM MDT on July 10, Amazon is offering deals every five minutes to shoppers who have an Amazon's Prime membership.

That membership is about $100 per year, which is where Amazon makes its nut, according to CNET's Dan Ackerman.

"They sign up a lot of new Prime members," he told CBS This Morning Monday. “That's what they want."

And while $100 isn't all the money in the world, it's a membership that pays dividends to Amazon. Nobody wants to be a sucker and lose money, so if you are paying for the membership, you're going to be sure to use it, right?

You'll use it, then use it again and again all year long.

According to a 2015 study from the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, people who are Amazon Prime members spend more than double what non-members spend, on average.

Amazon is also making a clear push this year to try and make it easier for consumers to order, by offering special deal to people who use Amazon’s voice ordering service, called Alexa.

“They're using that Alexa as kind of Trojan Horse for getting voice ordering into the home,” Ackerman said. “You can just literally call out what you want to buy and then it's ordered and shipped to your house.”

Ackerman says Prime Day shoppers are often underwhelmed. The trouble, he says, tends to be the overwhelming amount of stuff for sale.

“They sell a lot of stuff and people occasionally find what they're looking for," he said.

There are a lot of wants but not necessarily a lot of needs available.

Last year, for example, Amazon claims they sold over 215,000 instant pot 7-in-1 multi-functional pressure cookers, over 200,000 headphones, over 24,000 double hammocks and over 23,000 iRobot Roomba 614 vacuum cleaning robots.

Looking ahead to what buyers have in store for 2017, it seems likely to be more of the same.

Ackerman says there are deals to be found; TV's, for example, are expected to be a hotly discounted item this year on Amazon Prime Day and Prime members enjoy other year-round benefits, like access to shows.

Still, it could pay off to shop around and make sure to think hard about your family’s budget before clicking, ‘Buy Now,’ debt counselors say.

“There are always a couple of things that are always a pretty good deal, but people, for the last couple of Prime Days, look through it and say, ‘Okay, okay, that was alright. I'm not super excited,’" Ackerman said.

A previous version of this story listed a handful of items for sale on Amazon along with their prices. Those were the prices before Amazon Prime Day in which Amazon boasts they discounted the prices even further.

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