Good Question: Do executive orders have any checks or balances?

(KUTV) With the strokes of several pens, President Trump made several executive decisions in his first week in office.

The busy pen prompted a 2News viewer named Michelle from South Salt Lake to wonder, "Can executive orders be challenged?"

For the answer, I turned to the University of Utah and political science professor James Curry who said executive orders can absolutely have the weight of a regular law.

As far as whether or not the orders have the "checks and balances" standards that a regular law must meet, Curry said “yes and no.”

“Not in the same way, right?” he said. “A law has to introduced and passed by Congress and signed by the president, executive orders don't."

Still, there are checks that come into play for many executive orders. Congress can always pass a law that supersedes an executive order as long as the law is passed with enough votes to be veto-proof.

Plus, don't forget, Congress controls the money.

"That's a check, right? Because Congress then has to say, we agree with this action by being willing to fund it," Curry said.

There is also the question about whether an executive order is even legal.

“You can challenge those in court just like you would with any other law, and they often get overturned," Curry said.

For anyone celebrating or panicking over the moves being made in the oval office this week, Curry says it's important to remember this: a president's first week often comes with a flurry of executive orders.

"This is incredibly common," Curry said.

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