Good Question: What's on my license's bar code?

What's on my license's bar code?

(KUTV) As you undoubtedly know, printed on the front of a driver’s license is his or her personal information including name, age, a photo and a license number.

Flip a Utah driver license over and you’ll notice a bar code on the back.

A 2News viewer emailed asking: “What’s in my license’s barcode?”

It’s a good question, and for the answer we turned to the Utah driver license division and its director, Chris Caras.

“The information in the bar code is exactly the same as the information on the front of the license," Caras said.

Having the information in scanable form serves a couple purposes.

For one thing, when a cop wants to write you a ticket, the officer need merely scan the license and all your personal information is automatically filled out. It saves both time and avoids typos, Caras said.

Another place where those bar codes come in handy are places where you have to be of a certain age to even walk through the door.

Kyle, the long-time door man at Gracies, scans the back of the licenses of most of the people who walk through his door, he said. Doing so helps him ensure people who are under 21 are kept out.

“It's one additional tool to help identify fake IDs," he said.

His handheld scanner also saves him the trouble of doing math. After you scan a bar code it displays that person’s name and age. The scanner will also identify if an ID has been used recently, ensuring it isn’t passed out of the bar to try and sneak someone else in.

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