Good Question: 'Who was Saint Patrick?'


SALT LAKE CITY (KUTV) - With some of the green traditions taking place Friday, it's easy to forget that the day is tied to a Catholic saint.

But a 2News viewer named Carol noticed and wrote in, asking, "Who was Saint Patrick?"

For the answer, I turned to Monsignor Francis Mannion with the St. Vincent de Paul Catholic church.

"St. Patrick was a bishop who brought Christianity to Ireland,” he said.

But, perhaps surprisingly, the patron saint of Ireland was not Irish. Mannion says Patrick was an Englishman who turned down bribes from his king, choosing instead to organize Catholics in Ireland.

Mannion says he celebrates the day with a holy mass and then takes in some of the festivities on TV.

And, he says, don't let the day's tomfoolery fool you; St. Patrick is revered.

“Naturally, in Ireland particularly, but around the world, there are many countries which have St. Patrick as their patron, including countries in Africa and New Zealand - places where you wouldn't expect St. Patrick to be venerated."

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