Good Question: Why are only some cowboy hats dented?

Why are only some cowboy hats dented? (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) At J.W. Hats in West Valley City, they make and sell, what else, hats.

Owner Jim Wittington has been at it for about 50 years which makes him the perfect person to ask the good question submitted by a 2News viewer: “Why do some cowboy hats have dent in the them while others do not?”

“It's just style," Wittington said, though quickly adding that style provides the hat wearer’s personality in a way that caps folks wear today do not.

"Caps have no personality,” he said. “They don't reflect none of your personality. A hat does."

Wittington says a lot of the style of hats comes down to what you see people in Hollywood doing. He believes one man is responsible for the popularity of the dented cowboy hat: John Wayne.

Today, rockers and actors are adorning what has become a more modern look, dent free, so Wittington and his crew have seen more orders for dent-free hats. Though the majority of hats they make do have dents, he says.

There are other practical purposes for the dents, like ease of grabbing the hat and taking it off your head. The only trouble is, Wittington says that's among the worst thing you can do.

"Pinching them like that wears holes in them," he says.

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