Good Question: Why doesn't Utah have road reflectors?

Good Question: Why doesn't Utah have road reflectors? (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) It can be tough to see the road driving at night. A 2News viewer named Nathan Pugh doesn't think it should be.

He wrote that, where he comes from, "Reflectors are embedded in the road between lanes," making it easy for drivers to see their lanes at night. He wonders why Utah doesn't have them.

For the answer, Get Gephardt turned to Jason Davis, the operations director for UDOT.

Davis said whether or not to install the reflectors is a subject UDOT is regularly debating. Sure, they can help people better see the road, but they are expensive.

"They're a good thing if we can maintain them and they keep their life and they're cost effective," Davis said.

They may not be cost effective in Utah thanks, in part, to how much snow Utah roads get, and the salt and plows that the road reflectors need to endure.

UDOT says they are currently testing road reflectors in three places in Utah to see how they hold up through our winters.

“They just completed their second winter down in region four, our southern region."

Davis said it’s too early to determine how they’re holding up.

While UDOT continues to debate the benefits of road reflectors, Davis said it's important to remember that most serious accidents don't happen at night.

"The majority of [accidents happen on] bluebird days and people tend to, I think, get a false sense of security that they can drive faster and pay less attention,” Davis said.

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