More people die on Utah roadways on beautiful days, stats show

More people die on Utah roadways on beautiful days, stats show (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Remember winter with the roads, all slippery and wet, and shorter days, leaving it dark and tough to see?

Surly as the weather gets nicer, it’s a much safer time to drive, right?

Wrong, says UDOT operations director Jason Davis.

“The majority of our serious and fatal accidents occur during daytime, dry driving conditions," he said.

According to state statistics, you should pay extra close attention to the roads when it's nice outside. In 2016, there were 62,304 crashes on Utah roads. The vast majority, 70.6 percent, occurred during the daytime.

Those wreck numbers do tick up when you factor in rain or snow -- but not by much. Of crashes in Utah, 59.4 percent happen on dry, beautiful, bluebird days.


“I believe that when we have bad driving conditions people are paying more attention to what they're doing and, therefore, are not distracted and are able to react and control their vehicle in a more responsible manner,” Davis said.

Crash summary information for 2016 also outlines the way people in Utah crash. The majority are rear-end crashes.

UDOT also tracks contributing factors. These aren't considered definitive "causes," but rather factors that can play into a crash. One crash could appear in several different categories

Utah cautions that those stats are still considered preliminary.

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