Newly built home has major drainage issues, builder slow to respond

Newly built home has major drainage issues (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) In a video shot last spring, you can see a small river flowing through Preston Unck's yard. It’s not supposed to be there. It’s the result of an underground drain that is, apparently, not working.

It’s not just his yard that’s being damaged. The ground is sinking around his home leaving inches of space under his pavement and, worst, water floods his basement when it rains.

"What the engineers and city is saying is the water was coming through, and then going out, all underground," Unck said.

He estimates the damage to his home and yard is around $50,000. Unck says he called his builder, Ivory Homes, when he first noticed the flooding last December. He has a two-year warranty which covers drains, but Ivory Homes has balked at honoring the warranty, Unck says.

"They said it was our problem to maintain the French drain, that you can't maintain with it being 8 feet underground," he said.

After six months of calling Ivory Homes for a fix and getting nowhere, Unck decided to Get Gephardt.

Get Gephardt reached out to Ivory Homes to see why they weren't covering the water issues at Unck’s home. In a statement, Ivory Homes management says they have "been actively investigating" the water issues, and are "in the process of coordinating the repairs."

They say they were working on the problem before being contacted by Get Gephardt but understand "the time required to diagnose and address water issues has been frustrating."

Shortly after Get Gephardt’s email to Ivory Homes, Unck says an inspector came out and had good news. Ivory Homes is going to be fixing the drain issues. Unck says Ivory Homes has "made a valiant effort in fixing the drain, re-landscaping my yard, and restoring my basement."

Ivory homes management also told us they have a 90 percent customer satisfaction rating and want the Uncks to be happy homeowners.

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