Paid-in-full concrete company vanishes before work is complete

Paid-in-full concrete company vanishes before work is complete (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) McKenzie and Austin Enser’s home is way behind schedule. The company they hired to pour all their concrete repeatedly wouldn't show up to finish the job.

Needing to get moving, the Enser’s told the concrete guy they were going to go in a different direction -- but it's not that simple. They paid for the entire job, $35,000, up front.

“We have overpaid him for things that he hasn't done,” McKenzie Enser said.

The Ensers said they contacted the concrete guy to negotiate a partial refund but he just gave them the number to his attorney.

"We can't just let it sit for months and months with you know nothing getting done," Austin Emser said.

The concrete company, CK Johnson Enterprises, told Get Gephardt the same as the Enser’s:

This matter has been referred to our attorney.

When we called the attorney, his receptionist told us we should just talk to the company’s owner.

CK Johnson Enterprises stopped responding to calls and emails from Get Gephardt. When we stopped by the company’s registered address, no one came to the door despite two cars in the driveway and the garage door wide open.

The Enser’s have now filed a complaint with the Utah Division of Consumer Protection which has the power to fine companies that don't live up to contracts.

In this case, there was no formal contract. The Enser’s paid up front without getting any guarantees in writing.

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