Solar panels installed on the wrong roof

Solar panels installed on the wrong roof (Photo: KUTV)

You can still see signs of the solar panels that were installed and then removed from Janice Masters' home. The roofing tiles don't perfectly match from where a roofer replaced them and there are holes in her siding where an electrical box once hung.

It is damage caused by a solar panel installation that she'd never ordered.

The company, Clear Solar, apologized to Masters over the mix up and patched her roof. She says that's not good enough. She's currently trying to sell her home and she worries the patchwork could scare off a buyer.

"You can tell that I've had damage to my roof," she said.

Masters told Clear Solar she wants the company to pay to replace her entire roof, which she says a roofer told her would cost $17,000. Clear Solar refused, she says, instead offering here $1500.

Masters hired a lawyer and sent Clear Solar a letter asking for $35,000, an amount the letter argues will fix the damage as well as cover "value" she's lost in her property.

Clear Solar’s lawyer Cole Cannon, said Masters is being unreasonable.

"It was an honest mistake," Cannon said.

Cannon blames a satellite mapping program for the error. The solar panels were supposed to be installed on Masters' neighbor’s roof, but the program took installers to Masters' home.

Cannon said that this type of mistake has never happened before and that he doesn’t think it would ever happen again. That said, the company has added an additional step in their process to ensure they don't install panels on the wrong roof in the future.

Cannon said Clear Solar has attempted to make Masters whole for their mistake, but they’ve reached an impasse. He blames her, saying she “berated” Clear Solar's representatives and is now being irrational in her demands.

"To extort $35,000 is just opportunism,” he said. “I think a jury and a court probably wouldn't agree with that assessment of damages."

Clear Solar is now offering Masters $4,000, which Cannon says is enough to replace the back side of her roof where the panels were installed.

Masters remains unsatisfied and says she’s asked her lawyer to sue.

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