Social Security makes massive over-payment then refuses to take the funds back

SSA makes massive over-payment then refuses to take the funds back (Photo: MGN)

(KUTV) Sue Brandon got a huge surprise when she checked her bank account one day. She had received a Social Security deposit of $13,098.

The massive amount is a far cry from the $4 per month increase that the Social Security Administration had told her she would be getting after her husband passed away.

“I called them and said, ‘Hey, something's wrong because there's no way you can owe me this $13,000,’” she said.

Brandon said no one could tell her where the money came from. Worse, the huge increase in income started impacting other areas of her life -- like taxes and healthcare.

“It affects my healthcare because it's based on your income. If I, all of a sudden, show $13,000, then I could be maybe responsible to pay back some of the help they've given me on my healthcare,” she said.

Brandon said she called the Social Security office over and over again but was repeatedly old they couldn’t get to the bottom of it.

The Brandon said one of the SSA employees snapped at her: “I don't know what to tell you anymore. Call your congressman.”

Instead of doing that, sue decided to Get Gephardt.

“I've never had such a hard time giving back money,” she said.

Get Gephardt called the SSA through the regional office in Denver, where the public relations people work. A spokesperson promised to check into it right away, but declined to comment further citing privacy issue.

Whatever checking the spokesperson did, did the trick. Within a few hours, Brandon says she got a call from the SSA demanding she return the money.

She did, and says she's glad it's finally gone.

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